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Perhaps I am insane.

This is a purely theoretical concept at the moment, but.

How would any/all of you feel about me bringing my cat, Ruby, back to campus with me?

1. I won't do this if anyone has objections-- I want a harmonious mod, and my mom's willing to keep her till I'm out of Hampshire.
2. I would, of course, be responsible for food/vet/kitty box cleaning responsibilities. If I were away from campus for more than a day I might ask one of you to take Ruby Duty temporarily, but she's mine and I'll care for her.
3. I miss my kitty. My sisters don't like her very much. :(
4. Most interns will look the other way about pets if they're kept out of the way and well-cared-for.
Finally, 5. I have several friends off-campus who I will ask, before bringing Ruby to Hampshire, if they would be willing to take her as a foster cat in the unlikely event I am asked to remove her.
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i'm pro kitty.


i likes kitties.
i *heart* kitties. i'm in favor.

i was just thinking how i'm going to miss jack at the end of the summer.

is the kitty friendly?
*I* think she's friendly. She gets into Bitch Moods like any cat, but most she's very sweet.
Gina, you want to respond too? You know Ruby and are probably more neutral on the subject.