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birthday stuff.

i'm posting this because i will probably forget to mention it. my memory is no good and it does poorly with exciting situations like moving! modmodmod!!

anyway. my birthday is thursday - i hope to have a small party that night, ending around midnight so that those of you with friday morning classes will not have to suffer. feel free to invite people - i like people. people are good. if there is a problem with having a small gathering in the mod, let me know and i will relocate.

my mother is coming down on friday to take me out to dinner. i was hoping to go to judie's in amherst... nothing too fancy, however, for feeding six people it is a bit out of the budget. so. you all are more than welcome to join us if you are willing to share the bill. or if you beg for a really long time, i could probably be convinced to go somewhere cheaper and get pizza or something. in any case, birthday cake and icecream and such will be provided chez the mod :)
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