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Perhaps I am insane.

This is a purely theoretical concept at the moment, but.

How would any/all of you feel about me bringing my cat, Ruby, back to campus with me?

1. I won't do this if anyone has objections-- I want a harmonious mod, and my mom's willing to keep her till I'm out of Hampshire.
2. I would, of course, be responsible for food/vet/kitty box cleaning responsibilities. If I were away from campus for more than a day I might ask one of you to take Ruby Duty temporarily, but she's mine and I'll care for her.
3. I miss my kitty. My sisters don't like her very much. :(
4. Most interns will look the other way about pets if they're kept out of the way and well-cared-for.
Finally, 5. I have several friends off-campus who I will ask, before bringing Ruby to Hampshire, if they would be willing to take her as a foster cat in the unlikely event I am asked to remove her.
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